Tall Timber Highlight

Do you have plans this Valentines day? If not, Tall Timber will be having their weekly game night, there will also be a Hearts card game tournament with prizes!  With the welcoming environment, Tall Timber is the perfect place to hang out on a date, with your friends or by yourself. Game nights are held every Friday, open until 10 pm.

Standing Spoon Coffee Little Smoky's local nano roaster

Tall Timber has been a member of our Chamber of Commerce since before the cafe opened it's doors. This local business has continued to support the community in many ways ever since. Besides being the meeting place for a handful of local organizations, including the Chamber Of Commerce, The Communtity Garden and the Museum Society, Tall Timber's communtiy oriented philosophy is highlighted in their menu. They support initiatives from the Communtity Garden and also use fresh ingredients from a local CSA (community supported agriculture) farm.. All the baking and cooking is done in-house, so it's twice as delicious and every cup of drip coffee is from an amazing local nano roaster from Little Smoky.

As well has having great food and coffee, Tall Timber is also the box office for the Red Willow Players Theatre next door, so stop by this week to buy tickets for the Dinner and Dance!

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