Freson Bro’s Highlight


You often hear people say "shop local, buy local" but the question is why? There are many reasons: it's closer, so its more convenient, it's easier to fit into schedules and most times you are more informed about the sales. Sometimes the prices of far away shopping can seem lighter on the wallet, however, shopping local saves you hours of time and plenty of gas money. Sure, the big box stores have cheaper prices but as Ryan, the manager of our Freson Bros. showed us with a basket comparison, the difference is only about 10%. Ten percent is swiftly offset by the cost of making the hour trek elsewhere.

Shop Local Benefits Community

Caption reads "Construction of the new IGA store which was built beside where the Home Hardware is today" - Photo on display at the Valleyview Library

Local businesses are also the businesses that support community. The 200+ businesses right here at home are the ones that employ and drive our success. They also pitch in as community partners, supporting our community events and children's sport with donations. A good example of that is Freson Bro's, they have supported a lot of activities around Valleyview, like the Fall Festival, supplied neighbourhood barbeques, provided hot chocolate at the Santa Parade and much more. Freson Bro's donated over $16,000 in 2019 alone!

Freson Bro's has been in town since the 1950s, then in the familiar form of IGA, and as a local grocer they have always provided good value and good food. Local shopping is good because you get fresh goods from businesses that have been in Valleyview since the very beginning and continue to give back today.


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