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Chamber Members are one voice. Together we advocate for projects we think benefit the town most. We have more pull with the town and other authorities and we use that voice to make positive changes. Join us to be a part of the bigger conversation!

Valleyview aerial photos taken by Ken Wittig owner of Star Energy Logistics LTD Street Fair June  2019

Main St. Beautification Grant

Chamber Members can apply for a matching grant up to $5000 for the upgrade of their business' facade in the commercial core. $2500 is provided by the town and $2500 is provided by the Chamber. This matching grant is an incredible way to make renovations affordable, improve your visual presence in the community and make customers take notice!

Chamber Bucks Program

Chamber Bucks is a program aimed at increasing local spending. For a 1:1 cost the Chamber offers members currency valid at our member's stores. It's a way to offer gifts or prizes that can be spent in a variety of different ways. From a haircut or massage to a coffee and groceries, even a trip to the hardware store!

They're super popular at Christmas and go a long way towards helping keep our local economy vibrant.

Valleyview aerial photos taken by Ken Wittig owner of Star Energy Logistics LTD Street Fair June  2019

Bringing Business & Business Know-how

The Chamber puts heavy emphasis on bringing workshops and speakers that actually help a business succeed. We also organise the annual street fair to benefit the town and retailers on 50th.

Alberta Chamber Value Added Benefits

The Valleyview Chamber of Commerce is part of the province wide Alberta Chambers of Commerce network. As a member with us you get access to all of their added benefits as well! For more info click here.

Books Library

Chamber Scholarship

The Chamber offers a $1000.00 Scholarship to our community's graduating high school students. It is awarded to an individual student that displays :
 Community Leadership
 Community Volunteerism
 Enrolment into a Secondary Program that supports Community/ Business / or Entrepreneurship.

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Interested in joining the Valleyview and District Chamber of Commerce? You should be! With you we can go even further and make our home as great as it can be!