Publicity: Think Local

A big part of being a successful business is having a public awareness of your service or product. Without publicity businesses struggle. Big or small marketing matters. Thankfully we have a number of initiatives going on to help get our member’s names out there. Valleyview is also fortunate to be a town where in 2017 the administration made a concerted effort to go through a process of introspection. The town developed an Economic Development Strategy that recognized the need for improved local advertising. The strategy addresses both the traditional and new forms of media. From improved way-finding and signage to a coordinated online presence, it covers the critical elements.

Filling in the missing pieces is where the Chamber and it’s members come in. Coordination is our strong suit. From our locally grown digital sign company offering steep local discounts, to the Chamber leading efforts in updating our local maps, and the traditional word of mouth that grows through networking, there’s never been a better time to join and get your name out there. We will teach you how to own and improve your online presence. Businesses can become part of the Chamber Bucks program which entices townsfolk to buy local. Members can also speak with one voice and advocate for larger improvements like bringing fiberoptic connectivity to town, that’s a goal in the Economic Development Strategy too. We couldn’t agree more.

Every piece plays a part in improving our notability inside and outside of our community. Valleyview has geographical market of about 5,000 and over 20,000 vehicles passing through a day. That’s a massive market. A little publicity goes a long way.