Economic Impact of the Crocus Hill Stampede

This year the Chamber supported the publishing of the Crocus Hill Stampede & Rodeo Report, an
economic impact study designed to help the town better understand the value of one of its largest local events.

The data collected gives insight into the rodeogoers spending habits, demographics, preferred methods of communication and more. The study was designed, data collected and report published entirely in Valleyview.

The Value of Advertising

One interesting dataset confirmed the value of advertising and the effectiveness of word-of-mouth. In a close knit community after initially getting your event information out, not everyone needs to see the ad directly. When learning about events, respondents noted print media (posters/newspaper) and online communication were of equal value (14% each) but word of mouth marketing got the greatest reach with 68%. This shows that the 28% of people reached online and in print spread most of the message to the other 68%. A key takeaway for our business and nonprofit community is that if you are a running an event or promotion, advertise, get your message out there, and never forget to tell your friends!

A Regional Attraction

We've felt it, we've known it from talking to people and seeing unfamiliar faces, but now we have data to prove it: the Crocus Hill Stampede and Rodeo is a regional draw. While all of the people surveyed were from within Alberta, one in five respondents were from a location greater than 100km away. These visitors bring a greater economic impact to the local economy due to the fact that they often stay multiple nights and spend a greater percentage on food and beverages. It shows that there is an opportunity for campgrounds and hotels to gain customers and that there is further room for growth for the rodeo itself beyond the southern Peace Country.

For the full report click here: Crocus Hill Stampede & Rodeo Report