Hit the Greens at Greenview Golf Resort

What makes you excited for summer? Is it the warm weather? Do you enjoy spending time outside in the sun? Greenview Golf Resort offers all kinds of activities for you, your family and your friends!

Due to Covid-19, making plans to get out of the house has been difficult. As part of the Relaunch Strategy's early actions the Government of Alberta has decided to open up golf courses, with restrictions to keep everyone safe.  Although the restrictions can be a bit of an adjustment, they shouldn't put a divot in your day. This is a great opportunity to spend some time in the sun.

The Greenview Golf Resort is a perfect place to relax. As of right now, you can camp and golf. If you are interested in bird watching, there is an eagles nest right on the lake. Definitely worth checking out! You can always find ways to spend time in the sun at this resort. Usually there is fishing as well as special events, such as fireworks and live entertainment. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, there are no upcoming events. The staff and owners want their guests to feel safe, which means limiting gatherings as much as possible.

"Greenview Golf Resort is the place to relax." - Paulette Langenecker, Owner of Greenview Golf Resort

The convenience store has anything you might need for your stay. Maybe you forgot some fishing gear or golfing gear at home? The store will have what you need. There is also a wonderful club house, perfect for a snack or dinner with the family and catered by the Horizon Inn Restaurant. With the tasty food they have there, you can never go wrong with anything on the menu.

Open seven days a week, for 11 seasons so far, the Greenview Golf Resort has been a welcoming place for anyone who goes there. It's been said that the guests love it there and can't wait to get to the resort. The staff and owners genuinely care about the experience of all their guests, making your time there much more enjoyable.

"We appreciate all the people who support our resort."-Paulette Langenecker, Owner of Greenview Golf Resort

For more information, please feel free to call (780)-524-3673.