Beautification Grant Update

Since 2014 businesses along 50th Ave and 50th St have been able to access funding to update their buildings through the Downtown Beautification Grant. This has been part of an ongoing effort to spur a revitalization of our Main Street. It is a matching grant up to $5000 offered by the Town of Valleyview and the Chamber of Commerce. The Town and Chamber split the $5000 grant 50/50. It is a low cost and budget conscious way to encourage investment by businesses towards improving the look of their buildings. This in turn makes for a more pleasant town center and neighbourhood experience.

In 2020 we are happy to report that three businesses applied for and received Downtown Beautification Grants. In total over $25,000 was spent on renovations pre-tax. Of that total 80% was spent in Valleyview and it's surrounding district, with a further 14% spent in the immediate region. Only 6% of the total purchases were from a distance greater than 100km. Besides achieving the goal it is designed for, the Beautification Grant is proving itself as an effective program, standing up well from a cost-benefit point of view.

Total Valleyview Beautification Grant Spending 2020

Helping More Businesses

Going forward the Town of Valleyview and the Chamber of Commerce have decided to expand the Beautification Grant to include the businesses along Crocus Hill Gasoline Alley. This will mean all of the business properties that are highway facing along highways 43 and 49 will be able to apply for the Beautification Grant starting this year (indicated by purple arrows in image). The application deadline has also been removed. Up to five grants will be awarded per calendar year.

Crocus Hill Gasoline Alley Valleyview Bounderies