Valleyview Business COVID-19 Resources

For many of you, our business owners and neighbours, these last couple weeks likely have already felt like a long year. With the ongoing health crisis and the ever-changing economic landscape that is following in its wake, we are being forced to repeatedly correct our course.

For us, the first case within our Valleyview area has been confirmed. Before that Valleyview businesses had already taken bold, responsible steps voluntarily, and are now remaining compliant or exceeding government guidelines as they come into force. Our business owners are community members and they, like everyone, want to see people stay healthy and happy.

Cutting to the chase

Guide on Canada's and Alberta's economic plan for COVID-19 

This is a document kindly provided by Ben Berlinguette, the CAO of the Town of Valleyview, that outlines all the major programs offered by the federal and provincial governments. It includes links, eligibility, further resources, and expected release dates of details which are not yet out.

Positive Notes

All levels of government are taking this seriously. Canada has activated resources and initiated measures to limit the increase in cases far faster and with greater seriousness than many other countries. The relief packages offered federally and provincially have already shown flexibility and politicians seem open to increases as things require. The packages are robust and include assistance for your business, your employees, and you as a self employed individual. Finally, there is light on the horizon, some international regions affected early on have begun to see cases subside.

A Decade-Defining Challenge

In our town and surrounding area this will be a challenging time. All indications are that we should expect this to last at least through April and prepare for longer. Alberta has weathered its fair share of storms and thanks to the (unwanted) practice, we are better able to weather this one.

Take Care of You

There is a palpable anxiety in the air as many of us are seeking regularity in new routines. Reach out to each other online and by phone, check in, say hello. Take up a new hobby or get back into one that you had put away for a while. Enjoy family time. Read that stack of books you'd been meaning to. This is a challenging time yet that doesn't mean it needs to be lost time.

For your business

Take this chance to do the projects you put off because "you don't have time".

  • Update your computers
  • Count your inventory
  • Organise your files
  • Take promotional photos
  • Claim your business online
  • Make or renew your marketing plan
  • Do the cleaning that is disruptive: steaming your carpets, rearrange shelves
  • Fix the coffee machine that's been making a bad cup of joe but you can't live without
  • Reach out to other business members, or our board to see what they're doing to come out the other side ready for the recovery.

Now's the time to catch up, build resilience, take stock and be smart. We as the Chamber of Commerce are here to help get you through.